The Ignite Role-Play Community is available at the owners and/or development teams discretion. The FiveM Server does not come with any warranty for your device and the server itself can experience (un-notified) downtime's. Server staff reserve the right to restrict your access from the community at any time for any valid reason. Valid reasons are defined by the owners of IRP. The contents of this document can be changed at any time without notice, it’s recommended to review these guidelines on a regular basis. By playing and/or being a member of the Ignite Role-Play Community you agree to the outlined guidelines.


  • Although server donations are appreciated, they’re not required by members. It may at times to promoted to donate to the server for cost factors. However, any member can decline.

  • Refund requests must be made within 24 hours of the donation.

  • Donations under USD $5 will not be refunded.

Refunds may have a handling fee, retracting from the original donation amount.

  • Donations are only used for server-up-keep. Your donation is not used for financial gain and/or personal use. This is a non-profit community.

  • Donations may offer perks for the donating user. However, this perk is not guaranteed, although we will try and provide the perks for the member.