Distribution of Assets

All server digital assets are provided to the community members of Ignite with restrictions and limited use. All digital content found on IRP services (Eg; FiveM server, Discord, documentation) are not to be distributed unlawfully. These services are not to be distributed without written permission from the owner(s). Receiving and otherwise obtaining these assets should be reported immediately to a member of the administration.

  • Any external (re-)Distribution of any Ignite Role-Play Community documents and/or files is prohibited.

  • Distribution and/or selling of pornographic material, or any material containing nudity (including partial) and/or sexual reference is prohibited.

  • Distribution and/or selling any form of illegally obtained software and/or material is prohibited (e.g Pirated games, etc).

  • Distribution of images that contain any type of slandering material is prohibited. (e.g embarrassing pictures of a member, etc).

Creation of Documentation and Assets

Any asset that is created for the community and used by the community can be used for an unlimited amount of time and once is actively being used it belongs to IRP and can continue to be used if the author is removed, terminated, restricted or leaves.

Any and all documentation/assets made for IRP and planned to be used officially by the community needs to meet the below requirements to be used within the community.

  • Not be plagiarised and/or stolen from other sources. References must be provided if any external content is quoted or used. Permission may also need to be obtained from external sources.

  • Documentation/Assets created must have ownership transferred to IRP. Please contact the owner for this.

  • Must be approved by the appropriate staff/department member.