Removal and Leave of Absence

Members are free to go LOA along with leave the community at any stage. Below are the outlines for both of these and removals.

Leave of Absence (LOA)

  • LOA's do not require approval and can be toggled at any stage in the #quick-access Discord channel.

  • A member can go on generic LOA for up to 1 month. If a user requires a longer period please create a ticket with .new and it will be awarded. We require approval for extended times to inform department leads.

  • When on LOA, department leads can not change your department rank or community status. Your account is frozen.

  • If a member goes inactive for more than 2 months without an LOA departments are able to change your rank or community status without notice.

  • Administrators have the right to remove any member for inactivity based on their professional judgement. They also have the right to make changes to LOA’s as deemed necessary on a case to case basis.

Removal & Termination

  • As per the server disclaimer server staff reserve the right to remove you from the community at any stage for a deemed appropriate reason. If you are removed for an unjust reason, create a ban appeal and communicate that in your appeal form.

  • The term dropping tags is when a user leaves a department without notice to go and join another straight away. This is not permitted. If a user wishes to change departments a department transfer is to created by the member and approved. Members are not able to transfer often just to do as they want. Please consider what you want to do in the community before changing departments constantly.