Reporting & Appeals

Making reports where needed is important and/or needed. All reports are to be completed with as much detail as possible. Below you can find all the community reports along with a disclaimer.

Report Forms

Report Disclaimer

All reports are kept anonymous unless permission is given by an owner or the report author. Reports made may be forwarded to the relevant team or department leader. Report information will not be shared to the user you make a report on. However, events may be discussed. Evidence linked will also never be handed out to the reported party.

Only a select number of users within the community management team have access to reports. Reports made on an admin or owner go by the same principles. If a member with report access has a report made on them it will be referred to another and will be fully investigated.

Ban appeals are dealt with by members of community management and will often be decided on a vote basis. We do not guarantee your appeal to be approved. You will be contacted if it's approved and may not be contacted if denied.