Server Changelog

The Ignite Role-Play FiveM server change-log. All additions, changes and edits to our servers will appear here.

V 1.0.6


  • EUP 7.5.


  • A major security/permissions issue.


  • Minor changes made to a couple of NHP cars to test new liveries.

  • Loading screen updated with the latest and greatest screenshots from you guys.

  • Criminal [1] renamed to Civilian [2] as per community request.


  • The IgniteRP Discord bot now un-whitelists people that leave the community automatically.

  • Teleport presets for police stations.

  • Sticky wheels script. Wheels will no longer snap straight when you get out of a car.

  • A calm AI script, this is still being tested properly.

  • New NHP uniforms. Use /eup to see the new uniforms.

  • EUP updated to 8.1 from 7.5.

  • Boat trailer script added for DINGY.

  • Gruppe6 vehicles as per requests Spawn codes; gruppe1, gruppe2, gruppe3.

  • Hostage taking script, use /takehostage or /th to take another player hostage.

  • Carry pedestrian script, use /carry.

  • New Lenco Bearcat. Spawn; RIOT.

V 1.0.4

All added maps in-game are still on trial. Please open a bug report if needed.


  • Added the following maps;

    • New Sandy Shores police station

    • Davis Medical

  • Police clock-on blips on the map. Most police stations have one.

  • Jail blips. Going to a jail blip will now instruct on-duty officers to a jail UI to jail people.

  • Jail system.

  • Helicopter camera script. Use E to control the helicopter camera

Blips Screenshot:


  • The firetrucks will now have fire sirens.


  • Removed the following maps;

    • Old Sandy Shores police station

    • Prison

    • Pillbox Hill Medical

    • Vespucci Police Station

V 1.0.3

These maps are in a week long trial as we don't want game performance impacted heavily for users.


  • Added the following maps;

    • Paleto Bay

    • Sandy Shores

    • Yellow Jack

    • Prison

    • 9 Harmony Motel Rooms

    • 14 Pink Cage Motel Rooms

    • Pillbox Hill Medical

    • Vespucci Police Station


V 1.0.2


  • Police station blips.


  • /cuff and /drag can be used by ID (/cuff <ID>) or without the ID for the "nearest player".


  • Explorer handling lines that cause the units to flip.

  • /drag fixed.

  • Server two and three watermarks.

  • Incorrect name showing when a user is dragged/cuffed.

  • Altered radar script.


  • Spectating permissions, we found people abusing this, so it's removed for the foreseeable future.