Donations and Discord Boosting

Before donating see the Donations Disclaimer!

Donations are what help keep Ignite running smoothly and in a good place. We appreciate all donations no matter the size. However, donations of a certain amount get a few fancy perks, these are all below. Discord boosting is also another way to get some great benefits. Boosting our Discord server allows us to have better voice quality and the ability to make our community look even cooler. See further down about boosting.


Looking to Donate?

Donate Link: - Make sure to enter your Discord name in the notes section or contact FAXES directly and notify him.

Donation Perks

The below are only suggested amounts that show the perk duration if that amount is donated.


Perk Duration

Perk Level

$10 USD

2 months


$20 USD

3 months


$30 USD

4 months


$50+ USD

4 months


Discord Boosting

per month*


*Per month is based off of the active status of your Discord Boost. This is automatically updated and will remove your access once you remove your boost.

Perk Levels

  1. Unlock super-cars in-game, get a Discord role, exclusive access to Discord content.

  2. All of the above and Mk II weapons in-game.

  3. All of the above, along with a even more fancy Discord role to show your supportive status. You also get access to beta features when available.